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Music Lessons in Staten Island, New York

With years of passion for music and teaching, Vinpaul Guitars offers various music and instrumental lessons in guitar, bass, piano, and voice. We can provide lessons privately as well as in groups, from your home or from our studio, at any age group. We can’t wait to meet you and help you discover and broaden your love for music. 


Guitar Lessons


Eager to start a garage band or be the next Jimi Hendrix? An artistically challenging yet rewarding learning process, guitar lessons can help shape the budding minds of both children and adults alike. Whether you or your child is interested in learning jazz, classical, country, and even pop music, we offer affordable and structured lessons based on learning ability and your own personal goals. We also have many guitars in our store that are perfect for beginner guitar players in Millstone, New Jersey. 


Bass Guitar Lessons


If you’re influenced by Flea and Geddy Lee and can’t wait to learn to walk a bass, then our bass guitar lessons are here for you. Similar in approach as an acoustic guitar, the bass may have fewer strings but requires an entirely different mindset to perfect. Scales and chords are different and you will require training in restraint as well as rhythm to ensure accuracy and note precision. 


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