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100 Watts of Pedal-friendly Cab Fuel

If you’re the type of player who derives the majority of your tone from pedals and modelers, the hundred-watt Orange Pedal Baby 100 is just the sort of unit you’ll want to reach for to move some air. Unlike other units, the Orange Pedal Baby 100 has the Class AB push-pull of a classic Orange guitar amp. Its analog signal path remains neutral and flattering at all outputs; onboard 2-band EQ controls, which remain tonally transparent and out of the signal at 12 o’clock, allow you to shape your tone to your particular guitar cab and for each room or venue. At just 7 lbs., this little powerhouse makes a great backup and a sweet little fly rig.


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The Orange Pedal Baby 100 - Everything you need to know

Clean pedal power

Today’s pedals, pres, modelers, and floor units are unbelievably robust. It’s now completely possible to achieve some truly legendary guitar tones without an amp at all. The challenge is translating that sound to the live environment. The Orange Pedal Baby 100 gives you 100 watts of full-range, dynamic cab fuel to drive speakers and fill a room.

Easy traveling

Roughly the size of a ream of printer paper and weighing in at just 7 lbs., the Orange Pedal Baby 100 makes up an important part of any full-featured fly rig.

A smart backup amp

Sweetwater’s halls are full of stories of tubes and fuses going out right before a show. Don’t get caught unprepared — with the Orange Pedal Baby 100, you’ve got all you need to get sound to your listeners’ ears, all at a size that won’t break your back to have in tow. Just throw it in a backpack or in your pedalboard case and go.

Orange Pedal Baby 100

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